Top 20 Islamic Names for Boys and Girls (Islamic Naam)

Latest, Meaningful, Pretty and Sound good Islamic names along with meanings are here – you can choose any of the following Islamic names. As these are all recommended for your, in-case these are not fulfilling your requirement you may find more Islamic names are thousands of Islamic names along with meanings are available here.

Boys Islamic Names Boys Islamic Name Meanings Girls Islamic Names Girls Islamic Names Meanings
Zunair Light of the moon, shine Ayesha Alive, Happily Living
Arham Mercy, Compassion, Kindness Anabia The gate of paradise
Aryan Jangjuu, Healthy, invasionary mind people, related to historic Arya people Inaya Protection, Help, care
Zayan Beauty, Prety Sana Light, Glow
Azlan Brave and Solid, Iron man, Courageous man Fatima Chaste, Captivating
Rayan All time Fresh, Gate of Paradise Ayat A Signs, A Proof
Shayan Worthful Aaira Respectful Women, Noble Lady
Aayan Blessed, blessing Zoya Caring or Loving Girl
Saad Lucky or Good Luck Aiza Respectful Lady
Hamza Brave and Solid Zainab Beautiful Flower, Fragrant
Arish Brave Solider Abeeha Nickname of Hazrat Fatima
Zeeshan The Glory, Magnificent, High In Dignity Haniya To Be Happy, Wish to stay with them
Junaid Spiritual or Sufi, Fighter Maira Light, swift, Fast-moving, Favorable for Choosing
Sufian Companion Of Prophet Sara Pure and Happy
Faizan Charity, Favor, Great Man Ayra Respectable Lady
Irfan Knowledge and Wisdom Maryam Virgin Lady
Adnan Settler, One Who Settle For A Long Time In A Place Amyra Princess, leader or Highborn Girl
Sahil Leader of the communtiy Hoorain Beatutiful or Fabulous Friend
Rohaan Kindhearted, Spiritual, Compassionate Alisha Protected by God

Islamic Names for Boys and Girls with Urdu Meaning

Selection of name is the most of important thing in life of parents – might be there is anyone in this world who choose worst name for their child. Because everyone in this world loves their child and family, so it’s not possible someone select worst name. When we discuss about Islamic names that means personal wants to choose the best name. For this purpose we are going to publish all Muslims names on this website so that you can search out and choose the best Islamic name for your child. On this platform you will be able to find the Islamic Names for boys and for females along with Urdu meanings.

If you are looking for Islamic Names (Islamic Naam) don’t forget to read following all details before selection of Islamic name for your child. That is reality name (naam) create impact on personality. If you want to have a child who get the best career path, position in life don’t forget to read following guidelines. As a human being most of the time we choose well pronounced Islamic names for our child but we forget to choose the Islamic names based on its impact on personality. It is recommended to choose best Islamic names but don’t forget to read it before.

Islamic names create major impact on personality – some of the names help us to influence in career path, city or in location where we live, get better opportunities, achievements in education, get better results against each activity, good jobs and welcoming behavior of others with us. Might be already you experience multiple times. When you visited somewhere at the same time most of the people those are part of management ignore you but at the same time they support someone however that personal also new but he has the power in their Islamic name to attract the management of that particular business owners/management. You may also choose the right Islamic name (Islamic Naam) for your child to get the attraction and support from others. Now you know that the Islamic names (Islamic Naam) has power so why not to choose the best and effective Islamic name that create positive impact on your child life.

How to choose best Islamic Name (Islamic Naam)

To choose Islamic name (Islamic Naam) you may focus on goodness, beauty, pleasantness and pronunciations but that’s not enough to choose your child. No doubt as a Muslim name can be anything that complete the conditions those are much basic. As it should not be the name of false god/s, devil, or something that represent that you are the son/slave of Prophet/Allah. Rest of the names are allowed in Islamic but it should be consult with relevant people first before name.

Selection of Islamic Names (Islamic Naam) is much difficult process – and we can understand when someone have child at the earliest he/she want to select / choose name. But only name is not enough, it should be pretty, beautiful, best in pronunciation, not anyone’s name around and meaningful. But we forget that it should create positive impact on child life. When we choose Islamic name (Islamic Naam) based on mentioned parameters really it’s helpful for your child in future/in whole life. Team work from home believes that we have right direction /details for you to choose best Islamic Boys / Girls Names (Islamic Naam). No one can help you to explore all the aspects of the Islamic name for your child but you can study and choose the right name for your child, because we know you have more than enough time for your child to spend time for their future and for betterment. So, let’s learn much more about Islamic Names (Islamic Naam) and all about the selection and impact of Islamic name.

Selection of Islamic Names (Islamic Naam) in Islam

It is reality that selection of Islamic name (Islamic Naam) for your child is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a parent. History of Islam is full with the importance of Islamic names and it hold a special place of importance. As all of us know the impact and reflection of the Islamic name in real life for an individual's identity. Islamic names are rich in history because of meanings, tradition, popularity, choices and because of any other things. Muslim families across the world still choose Islamic names (Islamic Naam) for their child and for this purpose they try to explore multiple books and websites. To choose / select Islamic name this website will be the right option for you as we have each and every Islamic name on website along with meanings.

This comprehensive guide will help you to explore the best Islamic name because of its significance, beauty, easy to pronounce and much more as we have thousands of Islamic names for boys and for girls. If you are looking for the child Islamic name of just interested to learn about the beauty of Islamic names this website will help you in both manners as we have all Islamic names with details and with meanings.

Worth of Islamic Names

The Quran, Hadith (the sayings and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him), and the rich cultural history of the Muslim world all play a significant role in the development of Islamic names. It is imperative to comprehend the significance of these names in order to fully appreciate their beauty and significance. Here are some important factors to think about:

Spiritual Connection while Selecting Islamic Names

It is reality that Muslims never forget the spiritual factor while choosing / selecting Islamic names. To express the devotion to Islam every Muslim always keep in mind spiritual factor while selecting Islamic name (Islamic Naam). If you are Muslim and looking for Islamic names don’t forget that spiritual factor is the most important while selecting Islamic names.

Islamic names an Identity and Purpose

Each Islamic name given to a child in Islam is chosen with care to reflect that child's personality, traits, or the parents' dreams and aspirations for their future offspring. We know that selection of child name not only to name them it’s also to select the Islamic name that create positive impact on their life.

Cultural Heritage and Islamic Names

Islamic is not limited to any specific language or any specific area history of Islamic names is rich for cultural heritage as various languages and regions have different Islamic names with different meanings. There are multiple Islamic regions such as Arabic, Turkish, Urdu and many other and each region have the Islamic names with unique linguistic nuances.

Islamic Names and Family Bonding

Across the world in different regions Muslims also named their child along with their family or community name. They add the last part of name or first part of name from their family or from community. It create a sense of belonging and continuity.

Criteria for Choosing Islamic Names

Selection of Islamic names is not only the choose the name those sound pleasant and pretty. It is also mandatory that Islamic name should be aligned with Islamic principles and with Islamic guidelines. Here are some of the important things those should be met while selecting or named Islamic name:

Muslim boy names a to z (Islamic Naam)

To find Muslims boys names A to Z this is the right platform where you will find the details related to Muslim boys names. As we have all Muslim names on this platform so that you can choose the best Islamic name for your baby boy. We can understand it is difficult for parents to choose / select Islamic name for boys but now it became much easier for everyone as team work from home allows you to share details of your family and we will done this on behalf of you. As we will not recommend only the good pronounce names for your child we will also guide you that why to choose the name and which name is the best for your child. Now you can find A to Z Muslim boy names on this platform without wasting time.

Muslim names girl / Muslim Girls Names

Selection of girls Islamic names more difficult because everyone want to search out unique and meaningful Islamic name for girl. Most of the families also consider that it should not named by anyone in family as well in known families. That’s become much difficult and challenging to find out the Islamic name with good meanings and pronunciation which one never named in area. To fulfill your requirements this platform is designed where you can find the updated list of Islamic names along with meanings.

Top 100 Muslim boy names (Islamic Naam)

Team work from home update top 100 Muslim boys’ names list on daily basis (based on searches and stay/selection of boys’ Islamic names). We believe you will loves a lot as we recommend unique, meaningful, useful, attractive, pretty and good in pronunciations Islamic names.

Beautiful Islamic names (Islamic Naam)

We can understand that as a parent we wish to search out beautiful Islamic names along with pretty meanings. For this purpose we recommend most important and useful Islamic Names, so don’t forget to follow instructions as we recommend best Islamic names along with meanings so that easily you can choose Islamic names for your child.

Unique Islamic Names (Islamic Naam)

It is much difficult task to find unique Islamic name – unique Islamic name means good in pronunciations, rich in meanings and all times acceptable in Islam. But not limited to this it should not selected anyone around, so it’s very difficult task but now team work from home help you to sort it out. Now you can choose Islamic names based on region, keyword, meanings, power, strength and many other forms.

Unique Muslim Boy Names

To select unique Muslim boys names (Islamic Naam) work from home is the right platform where we publish all Islamic names along with meanings. Not only Islamic names published, we also update each and every section of Islamic names so that you can find the best recommendations. As different people search multiple names and stay and select different names. As we capture updates related to different Islamic names we update on system at the same time. So, that when you reached us you can find the latest recommendations.

Islamic baby boy names from Quran

To find the baby boy names from Quran this platform is the right option as we extracted all the Muslims names from Quran and publish right here so that you can select well pronounce as per your region. We can understand that each region and language also matter while selecting any Islamic name. Let’s move forward to find the latest Islamic names from Quran as already we updated details for you on the same platform.

Islamic Names (Islamic Naam)

Selection of Islamic names become much difficult now – as almost Islamic names already named around us. But still our aim is to find out the latest Islamic names those never be named around in family / region. For the same purpose we collect Islamic names from different regions and publish on this platform so that you can choose / select latest Islamic names with rich meanings in your local areas/region.

Muslim names along with meanings

It was much difficult to choose a Muslim name in history as there was very limited knowledge and books to do this. But not it become much easy to choose Islamic names. Multiple websites allows us to search out Islamic names or Muslim names along with meanings and great details. As well now we can track that mentioned Islamic name is derived from which language and exact meaning of that particular Islamic name.

Common Muslim Names

Might be you are interested to learn about common Islamic names – for this purpose you may also use the work from home platform as we have all Islamic Names details here. So you can find the common Muslim names here along with great details and meaning.

Arabic Islamic names and meanings

All Arabic Islamic names along with meanings are available here on work from home platform. You can sort by names, letter, meanings, region, language and many other factors. Our aim is to create easy so that you can choose best Islamic Names without wasting time and efforts.

Best Islamic Name (Islamic Naam)

To choose best Islamic name you need to have access on complete directory – and we have complete directly of Islamic names along with meanings. Now you can find best Islamic names along with meanings and great details.

Indian Islamic Names

There are millions of Muslim lives in India and most of them choose the Islamic names from history but some of the named their child as new Islamic name. So, as an Indian Muslim you may interested in Indian Islamic names. All Indian Islamic names details are available here so that you can choose the Indian Islamic names.

Pakistani Islamic Name

Same like other regions Islamic names, Pakistan is the Islamic country where people select Islamic names from different other languages as well named for their son in local language (Urdu Islamic Names). You may choose Pakistani Islamic name as we have all the information related to Pakistani Islamic names on this portal as well we have thousands of Muslim Names from other languages and from regions.

Latest Islamic Names

To find latest Islamic names, this platform is the right option for you; you may find updated list of Islamic names along with meanings. All latest Islamic names are listed here along with meanings for you so that you can sort and choose as per your requirements. Each and every Islamic name is available here along with great details and meanings.

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