Privacy Policy:

Your data is encrypted and safe all the time – no one allowed to access your data publically without your prior approval. Once you done it for public all the companies are allowed to find your details by searching through area, experience, education and many other.
We believe information is the key, and protection of information is our major responsibility. We manage it on our own side.
We collect your personal information to design / develop best customized and useful resume / cv for each individual. But not limited to this we will show your profile to businesses so that they reached you and hire you without any cost.
Its service to design resume, and it’s not possible to develop / design resume/cv without collecting this information so we collect all this information for your reference and for development of resume.
We will use your personal data for customized notifications, emails and for more on later stages. Once you sign up on our platform it means you allowed us to connect you in future via email and any other medium which is defined in our policy.
All the individuals / companies submit their personal data by self-none of us reached / force them to put the information’s. As well never share any information related to bank or any other to any resource of our organization. Because we really don’t want such information at any stage.
No third party have information on your data directly – without your prior approval once you confirm that you want to apply for any position / job at that time your resume will share with the company where you want to apply for the job / position. But without your prior approval none of us will share your personal information at any stage.
This platform is for whole world and any one from across the world can develop their resume / cv as well he/she can apply for any position anywhere mentioned according to parameters. So, geographical limitation is nothing for this platform.
All users have rights to disable / remove their own account as well they can setup their account as publically or not.
None of us from jobi-world is authorized to call any details in personal capacity (over the email / phone). If someone reached through our platform must launch a complaint against that resource, we will take action according to local laws.
Never share any digital (account related) information to anyone because this platform is just to help/support you not to provide any other activity.

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