Online Jobs vs Office Based Jobs across the world

On daily basis millions of people search jobs across the world, some of them get the right jobs but most of them unable to get the right jobs and right career path. This moral story will also help you to understand the both side, online jobs as well the office based jobs results on later ages.

Do not miss to read this complete story, might be this online jobs vs office based jobs story change your complete life within few minutes. We know your time is most important just because of that we try to short this, as much possible.

Student Life of Jawad and Asim

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Jawad and Asim are the close friends and they study in the same school, in the early ages both were different. Asim always follow the fashion and much interested in all the things those are necessary to look beautiful and smart but Jawad not much care about all these things due to their family background and some other issues. All the times Asim comment on them and always try to motivate them to change their life style and things those are not looks cool. As well their other fellow friends always comment on their friendship. As both are entirely different, Asim always take care about fashions and things but Jawad not much take care about their health, look and fashion.

Most of the time Asim feel uncomfortable to go with Jawad, but as they are close friend so always he stay with Jawad and support them in all the manners. After competition of their studies they leave from the university with this aim that Asim will become the top rated job holder’ and Jawad aims to become an online solution provider. Asim always recommend Jawad to find some office based jobs to support their family, because as per Asim thoughts online jobs are not the real.

Asim and Jawad Career as Online Jobs vs Office Based Jobs

Online Jobs in Pakistan: Get Online Jobs in Pakistan

As earlier mentioned that Asim and Jawad both choose different fields and different ways. Asim choose an office, where he get good job on start as well he promoted as he learn multiple tools during the student life. Also he spent lot of time in office to develop new things for office, within few years he reached to the top of their career and he purchase house, car and everything as he need for their life. Always he used to with latest fashion.

Online Jobs in Pakistan: Get Online Jobs in Pakistan

At the same time Jawad start their career to find online jobs and to interact with different businesses across the world, on start he failed to get any useful project or jobs where from he can make money online. But with the passage of time he reached to such people those offer him some project online. He work with these some organizations, as their businesses grow they give more projects to Jawad. But still Jawad not have much useful project in their life. One day Asim calls to Jawad to know about their life, Jawad was motivated and happy, at the same time Asim also feel happy that after all Jawad get some projects and able to run their house hold. They plan to have a get together in university, they also call some other friends as well. On decided time, Asim and Jawad reached to the university canteen, no doubt Asim looks executive and beautiful as for all the time, and Jawad looks not too good just average but it’s quite better from student life. All the friends discuss their university days and all about their current jobs and comments on Jawad online Jobs idea. Almost every friend of Asim and Jawad make comments on Jawad Online Jobs, but still Jawad was confident enough.

End of the Online Jobs and Office Based Jobs

Online Jobs in Pakistan: Get Online Jobs in Pakistan

After few years, due to pandemic almost offices and businesses are disturb. Most of the businesses close their branches and services, and that was the turning point of the world and almost things and business operations change. Asim was the senior resource of the company and they really do not want to let them go so they decided to keep the Asim with them but they dismiss some staff due to issues. Now Asim have very less staff in their office but the work load was almost the same, due to office pressure and daily work load, Asim not much take care about their life and he feel ill for sometime, after that their hair fall down and he become old man in earlier ages.

At the same time Jawad sign off multiple projects with different companies and now he stand his own business empire, As Jawad were working in the Online Jobs field from the last 10 years so he knows about everything clearly. So, multiple organizations reached to them for such online tools and techniques those help them to work in such pandemic.

Jawad start selling tools, technology, and provide training to different organizations. Now Jawad has a great team to run this business and now he become the business tycoon of the country.

Moral of the Online Jobs vs Office Based Story

Do not go with office based jobs because not a single office support you whenever you needed their support in real manner. They will pay you as much as they decided, that’s not matter for any office that how much they earn just because of you. So, always try to setup your own business not matter its online business, online jobs or what. But it should be project based working, keep in mind you can’t become milliner or happy with earnings with any office based job.

Everyone across the world is requested to find the online business or online jobs options so that he/she can stand their own empire. Don’t live life like Asim, make some struggle, take some difficult decision for bright future same like Jawad.

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