Required tools and understanding with things to get work from home

As we know all fields of life demands latest technology and tools for improvement – same for office based jobs and for offices it is most important while work from home. This article will cover the things related to communications and project management while working from home. This article is all about the tools and technology but it is recommended to never pay for any job either it is office based or work from home. Purpose of sharing these details – recently it is observed that people in multiple countries offer online jobs and charge for each assignment – means they are doing their own job not offering anything to you.

Without knowing the tools and technologies it is not possible for anyone to manage work from home without investment. Purpose of this article is to share the basic guide so that you can manage your work accordingly as well to reach to those tools and technologies without paying to anyone. As well it will help you to understand the requirements of work from home. Here are some of the major points those you should know:

  1. Most important area while work from home is Chat/Communication
  2. Manage documentation part while working online
  3. Easily manage your work / assignment Management/ Visual Collaboration
  4. Organize video conference with teams and project owners
  5. Project management while working online without investment

Mentioned above topics will help you to manage complete work from home without investment – all the details related to online working as described below. Team work from home is available to support you – if you need any kind of help. Following details will help you to manage and to earn online without investment.

Earn Online Without Investment

Most important area while work from home is Chat/Communication

Communication is the key of any project / business / work success – if you are good in communication and deliver right message on right time and understand others. That means you will be successful and will learn and earn a lot while working. As this is not the topic to discuss that how to communicate that’s why let’s have a look tools those help us to chat with others and communicate for projects and for assignments.

Communicate/Chat with Customers

If you are working with end customers directly communication will become most important and you should learn all related tools. So, that you can contact with customers and share the right information on time. You can use any of the tool as they are familiar with them but here are some of the useful tools those you can use to reached to customers directly.

Zoom Meeting tool to communicate with customers

For online meetings and for commercial purpose you can use the zoom meeting tool – where you can generate meeting for 45 minutes for free. There are no charges for to organize single meeting for 45 minutes and for 50 users at a time. But when you requirements if different such as you want to arrange meeting for 100 plus people and for long hours. In this case you need to purchase commercial solution of Zoom meeting tool. On start when you are on basic level you can use free services of zoom, as they offer following for free:

  • Organize 45 minutes free meeting
  • Video conferencing / Audio and Video call
  • Multiple participants screen sharing options
  • White board while you are on call over the zoom
  • Share documents over the zoom meeting
  • Chat with all participants of the meeting or with individuals from that particular meeting
  • Publish video conference with any of the social media platform / with YouTube
  • Record zoom video meeting and use later as per demand

Zoom functionalities are not limited to these but most of the people use it for the same purpose – if you are new and just start work from home. It is recommended for you to use zoom meeting tool for the same purpose as mentioned above. If you need any kind of support from our team as how to make purchase, and which one package is the right option for you; you may contact us directly our experts will guide you in this regards free of cost.

Microsoft Teams for Communication purposes

Another best communication tool and replacement of Skype is the Microsoft teams – if you have orgazational license of Microsoft you can use it for multiple purposes. As teams allow you to communicate with teams, vendors and customers as well it will allow you to manage your project on the same without paying anything extra. All the functionalities we can find in zoom available with teams. If you have Microsoft license it is recommended to use Microsoft teams for the same. But it is not recommended to purchase teams for specific for meetings.

Slack is the right option to manage project and to communicate

Slack is also a communication tool where from you can communicate with customers and deal with people – as well it is project management tool where you can define and track the assignments for multiple implementers. But it is not recommended for people those are new in this market because it’s tricky and little difficult as compare to zoom and Microsoft teams.

There are some other useful tool those allows you to manage / organize free meetings such as google meet and many other tools but you should go with most popular and easy to sue tools. Because customers are not well educated and use too with all these tools and technologies. So, don’t try to waste time with them to teach them these tools. Just spend your energies with things those are useful and productive. Because tools never decide the development and completion of any project but humans and right decisions.

Manage documentation part while working online

Team work from home deal with multiple people while working in offices as well on online jobs – we observe that most of the people not much care about things. Especially they didn’t manage documentation as well they don’t have any policy for same. It is recommended to go with anyone of the following and use any of the cloud service to manage documents for all times. For this purpose some of the tools mentioned below those you can use to manage documents of clients and data which one helpful for you in current project as well in future.

  • Use google drive to manage and store projects / customers and related documents
  • One drive is also the right option to store and manage documents
  • Google docs/sheets are also the right option to manage and improve working
  • Dropbox is also a free tool where you can use 2 GB space without paying any charges
  • Microsoft 365 is also a good option to manage documents but it’s not free

These tools will help you to manage documents and to organize assignments / tasks accordingly. For the same purpose you should choose any of the mentioned above options with long term planning. Because your today’s decision will help you to move forward or to stuck at one stage so plan things accordingly.

Easily manage your work / assignment Management/ Visual Collaboration

To collaborate at real time there are multiple applications and tools available for you where you can work in coordination. If you are working for software development projects there are thousands of tools available those you can use to collaborate. But if you are working for other office assignments you may use the Creately, Google Documents, Teams, Slack and any other project management tool. As all the tools help you to work online and check others activity at real time.

Organize video conference with teams and project owners

No doubt it is the best option to work with teams by visiting physically but latest ages allows us to work remotely and organize video conferences and meetings. To manage video meetings you may use following best tools for free as well paid. For short meetings all these tools allow you to organize free meetings but you need to pay for long time and for multiple users.

  • Zoom meeting tool for video conference
  • Google meeting and video conferencing for work from home
  • Teams and other video conferencing tools for the same

All these mentioned tools allow you to organize free meetings for some time – but the right option is Google meet as it’s free and easy to use and allow everyone to organize meeting and to attend using mobile and computer.

Leave Time Wasting Organizations and Bosses
Project management while working online without investment

Success of each project based on planning and monitoring – as we observe that people across the world start projects without defining project in good manners. Keep in mind there are very few chances of project success when you didn’t plan and monitor it. Because every resource in this world have multiple tasks and assignments in their own life as well in offices so without tracing and without deciding things on time it become much difficult.

Work break down help us to know the hidden things in any project as well it help us to understand the current position and the requirement of any project. Believe me if there is anyone who tell you without project plan that means he is not professional and really he/she don’t know about that project. Because each organization requirements are entirely different and demand of that also. To complete any project on time, within budget with the defined team you should plan well otherwise it is not possible for anyone to deliver project on time.

For project management and to define and track projects here are some of the tools those will help you a lot to plan, execute and track project. Here are some of the major and right tools for you:

  • Microsoft Project Management tools to plan and minotaur projects
  • Asana is also the right option to manage projects
  • Trello is also a project management tool which one you can use for project management as well for tracking and for coordination
  • To Do List is also a project management software but it’s not recommended for big size projects

There are many other project management tools those you can use to manage project – but it is mandatory to use any of the tool and manage work break down as much possible. Each assignment should be assign to respective resource along with time and schedule because when you are unable to define these details. It became much difficult for everyone and for organizations to complete project.

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