Females Jobs in Pakistan and common hurdles

Females Jobs in Pakistan and common hurdles

Same like other world females also working in all fields of life in Pakistan. Most of the organizations and environments support them to work for their future and for the development of the organization and for country. Where some organizations and people support them in all the manners at the same time there are people those do not support females and they just want to use them for their personal purposes along with their routine official work as well. If these females refuse their such offers they strict on them and not treat them in well manners.

But once any such females accept their offer and most of the time it is happen because all the females want to improve their career and because of that these females accept all the requirements of such people. After few time they also ignore them too and target new staff females and this is going on in number of industries/organizations of the Pakistan.

Mostly we found such seen in office and as a community we did not take any stand on it. However, it is our responsibility to stand against such people and stop them. So that such females those are staying at home just because of such environment leave the houses and serve the country in positive way.

On other hands we found that organizations not allowed husband and wife to work together in same organization in Pakistan. This is purely non sense as well those organizations not allowed family members to work together. World best and well performer organizations are not doing this, they encourage to have resources from the same family and specially they support and offer to husband and wife to work together. There are number of benefits of it if husband and wife work together, and we will discuss later.

Female staff face issues while traveling to offices in Pakistan

Almost offices do not have resources to provide pick and drop services to female staff from their homes, and to reach to office these females used local buses and local transport. Do not know how much familiar you are with Pakistani Local transport system or not, we are not going in depth of the transport system but our purpose is that people those are working in the transport industry are not good and specially they did not treat females in good way. At the same time on bus stops number of young boys stand and wait for the females and make the noise on them, believe me people stand across them but no one makes them shut up call on their miss behave with females.

It is not mean that everyone in Pakistan is the same sometime there are very honest and female supporters are also there, but these people are rare and mostly people in Pakistan just trying to use the females for their own purpose along with the official duties and many others. Purpose of this article on Jobs World is to support the females and help them without any personal benefits. Once you done this, your family females will also treat in positive manners and people will support them too. When you deal with them in negative way and just use them for your personal purposes, do not forget this world take revenge by self and might be by tomorrow you face the same with your family. So, pray to God for your all mistakes and support females from now so that you may also get the best and positive response from the community.


Female Staff face issues when not accept the Boss wrong call in Pakistan

As we observer a great number of bosses of female staff in Pakistan make different types of wrongs call to their female staff. Most of the time we also found that females not accept such proposals, offers and orders of the boss. When these females refuse or reject the such proposals bosses try to blackmail them on their working and torcher them all the times in offices as well off the office hours.

Might be around you also it is happening and you know but still you are ignoring, keep in mind if it is happening with someone else today. It may also happen with your love one in near future, so always stand up against such people and do not support them anyhow. Because these people just need shut up call they are not brave and all the times they just done this because of other office staff support. When all other office stands against them how it is possible that such people done anything wrong with females staff.

Female staff targeted by other staff in Pakistan

These things are not only limited to bosses with female staff in Pakistan. Once the people not support the females staff other staff of the office also make such negative behaves and comments on females which is not acceptable at any cost. But still females are working in such challenging and negative environment. This negative environment is developed just because of not fulfilling the duties those are linked with us and we need to fulfill those duties.

Do you think when whole staff support females in an organization, any of the senior resource of the organization can do the anything wrong with any female staff. Absolutely not, but when we or not supporting the females staff, seniors from the management and all other staff treat people in negative manners all the times.


Female staff and general behavior of the staff in Pakistan

Might be there is any organization in Pakistan which fully support female staff and treat them like a human being. Almost all the organization not supporting the females staff and not treating them like human. At somehow people try to take advantage and make different things for that purpose.

Generally, people are not supportive with females staff, for this purpose we will suggest the recommendations for female staff as well for their bosses and organization in later articles. Stay tune with us and must learn these recommendations those we collect from the females and will present it for your understanding.

Female supportive organizations in Pakistan

There are very rare or few organizations those support females staff in offices as well generally. For this purpose, we need to develop such environment which support females staff in offices as well in other ways. Without supporting females staff in offices not possible for us to develop good culture of the organization and the development of the organization.


Common behavior of people with females in Pakistan

Pakistani people not much aware about the rights of others, it is necessary to know everyone that rights of females are also just like male staff in the industry, and all the females are our respected citizens. It is Jobs World recommendation for all of you to support the females staff across the world specially in Pakistani industry so that our country can grow, people and organization improve and individuals life become more strengthen.


Females Jobs in Pakistan and common hurdles
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Thanks a lot Jobs World team to make write up on this topic, it is really amazing for me and I hope people will get benefited from it. Good work keep it up, Good Luck...!

Nadia Jibran | Dated: 2022-04-01 14:49:28

I think it is really great effort by Jobs World but still there are many other points are missing. As females face many other problems we can say females problems in Pakistan are not limited to mentioned problems.

Nimra Ali | Dated: 2022-04-02 00:56:57

Bohat Khoob, Ma Shah Allah aik aachay topic pr roshni dali hai aur umeed hai k yoon e likhty raho gai aur mulk o qoam ki khidmat krty raho gai

Anwar Ali | Dated: 2022-04-02 00:58:03

Nice lines but still need to make more detailed content and make their sections separately. I think you found a strong chapter so complete its all the aspects such as share the relevant information those help females and many others. You may also develop separate section for females and it should be related to females so that females get benefited from it.

Nabeela Saleem | Dated: 2022-04-02 15:01:13

That is really inspiring and informative. Thanks to make such write up for general public might be people understand the problems and they support females in offices as well on other places. Without highlighting these issues it is not possible to conclude this matter.

Asghar Abid | Dated: 2022-04-02 15:02:46

By the way these hurdles not only for any specific country, all the countries across the world facing the same.

Natasha | Dated: 2022-04-03 17:30:25

This is true sad story of Pakistani offices, how could I explain that why I leave office job recently. But this is wish for everyone to keep safe and have a great time and environment. Unlucky I found the same environment and same practices in office and got too much negative response of the community and my boss. You can say my boss spoil my life and leave me just after few months. On start really he take care of me and done everything which makes me happy but once he closer to me and become my habit sadly say he leaves me as mentioned in this article. Might be anyone understand the depth of this article but I am one of them so I can understand.

Nigat Javaid | Dated: 2022-04-07 16:36:23

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