Do Not Stay With Monkey Manager

Do Not Stay With Monkey Manager

Might be you experience most of the people working in organizations just like money manager. If already you experienced such managers must leave comment for them. As we know it is not possible that we did not face any such manager in whole life. But the purpose of this article is to share the right information with everyone so that you should aware from such monkey manager.

If still you are working in the team of Money manager, we will discuss about monkey manager in great details later on the details of monkey manager. Our purpose is to aware you, so that you can save your life from such monkey managers in offices. Because these monkey managers not only disturb your life they also spoil you whole life.

History of the monkey manager

Monkey manager history starts from Jungle, as once upon a time number of animals lives in a jungle happily. But one day a monkey think that why lion is the king of the jungle from all the times, why I am not the king of the jungle. After detailed thinks on it he realize that he should reached to all animals and claim that he is the king from now.

One day he call all the animals including the lion and start preaching that, All jungle animals you are all the best team of my jungle, you should live happily all the times. But not limited to this he speak for two hours long, all the animals become anger on monkey that why he is wasting their time.

Monkey and other Animals just like friends

Monkey realize them, as he is the friend of every animal but lion is the killer, always lion kills their jungle animals and he did not support them at time of need. But the monkey support all of the, whatever the situation is and the environment.

Selection of Monkey King

No doubt there is a great detailed story on it but to cut short, at the end monkey announce that why we are following the lion from the years long. Why you not select me the king of the jungle as I will support all of you all the times. All the animals shocked and looking at the monkey, but monkey forces to be the king of their jungle. After long discussion, lion finalized that it is good to choose monkey as a king for sometimes. On the input of lion all the animals finalize that yes it is better idea.

Monkey Manager Management

As all of us knows there is no such management required in jungle, so they live like the same as things were goes earlier. After some time one day a goat were lost from the jungle and for this purpose all the animals reached to the lion to know them they have lost the goat. When they reached to the lion, with the question that their goat is missing and lions support is requested to find out them. On this question lions replied that all of you comes to me, thats the honor for me but the king of the jungle is not me for now so you should go to monkey as he has team and resources to find out the goat. On this answer all the animals reached to the monkey and repeat the same question.

Monkey was on the top of the tree when animals know them about the goat. As he listen, he jumped from the tree and speedy climb to another tree, and again jump to down and again climb to another tree. For sometimes all the animals watching their effective efforts, after sometime one of the animals asked them again that you are doing great but the goat is missing and we are looking for your support. On this question monkey manager replied that he tries their level best but unfortunately, he is unable to find the goat, he also make a question to all. What do you think I am not trying to find the goat, do you have any question on my efforts?

On this question jungle animals, still in trouble and really they do not know which type of efforts required to find the goat. But as human we should know working and the way of working of the monkey managers in real life.

Monkey managers in offices

Most of the time we find the monkey managers around us, such people those behave like a monkey because they do not have any skill to manage their team. Because of many reasons, sometime higher management do not have the right skills to run the organization but still their work is going on so they select the resources those not speak on their decision and always support them.

Do not stay with monkey managers

This is not the recommendation, it is request to all of you do not stay with monkey managers. Because they are not disturb your life, they also develop many negative thoughts and things in your life those will not end from your mind for long time. So, whenever you find any monkey manager around you just quit them without thinking about anything. Because world is full with the resources, and you will find out the best. It is my personal experience as I work with one of the monkey manager in recent years but as I realize that it is not good for me, I leave their team. Right now I am enjoying my work, and really happy with life. 

Do Not Stay With Monkey Manager
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