Work From Home VS Office Based Jobs

Work From Home VS Office Based Jobs

When we compare office based jobs and work from home – that means we discuss about someone else your boss and self-boss. It’s much easy to understand that when you have someone else your boss who decide when to leave office, what to do and your career at the same time you are your own boss each and everything in your hands to decide either positive or in negative.

It’s much easy to understand and crystal clear that which one is easy – but still there are few things those we should know before jump into any career. Because when we have many plus in any field that means struggles and strength required to do that. Keep in mind sometimes only hard-work and independent decisions are not enough to improve in life. This world is all about mind game and to achieve higher rank and position you need to use it on time. Otherwise might be there is anyone in this world who didn’t get to the point on later ages, but once age passed means you can’t revert them to that time and can’t do that again. So, take right decisions on right time – and sometime it is necessary to follow some people for time being.

To know all about work from home and office based jobs – we should understand things those limit us as well help us to grow in life. No doubt office based jobs limit us in all the ways but work from home little open but it’s challenging. Let’s understand basics first to discuss more on same topic in great details.

Office Based Jobs (Boss, Environment, Politics and Other Matters)

In this modern age across the world very rare people like to follow the strict rules and bossy environment. But unfortunately across the world in multiple multinational office still seniors behave rudely with their staff members. If you are also working in office or you have prior experience you can understand that how much fake personalities exist in this world and how much lazy and good speakers without any skill set rule the market. As well some of the organizations working based on personal relationship and based on seniors friendship and relationship. There are many organization in my first contact where leading role based on political background that’s not matter how much strong you are; your skills and experience but when you have strong political background or in contact with seniors that means you are the king and everything would be yours. When you have such environment where people deal with others based on their family background how’s it possible that skilled people improve their life and get the right opportunity.

Politics, Environment in Office Based Jobs

Its sad reality in offices politics all times on peak and everyone try to capture others. At the same time people share their thoughts as much they can temper and make them useful for their personal use. It take 12 years long time for me to understand that discuss only selected topics and share information actually those you want to share with others or want to share your thoughts through others about anyone. If you plan your office job related politics by-self that means you are successful but when you entered in someone else’s politics you can’t believe what will happen with you.

Second and most important things is environment of offices matter a lot on your mental health, you’re working, physical health and on everything related to you; and your family life. Because when you are depressed and under-pressure that means you can’t do anything in positive way at the same time your nature will change by the time and you will react accordingly with your family as well.

Type of Work From Home Workers

Work From Home No Boss, No Politics

As compare to office based jobs; there in work from home there is no one is your boss – each and everything upon you to select organization, individuals or any group of teams. Because no one can force you or assign you any task without your permission. If you allow them and reached to anyone or any organization that means it’s your decision to work with any team or not. There is no boss, no politics – each and every decision will be yours but there is one thing that’s important to understand. To find assignments, reached to companies and individuals, communications, skills that’s all matter a lot. Without having all these things you can get the right opportunity so do not forget about all these factors. As in office based jobs each and everything related to project finding, funds and other things upon your management or on your boss but when we discuss about work from home each and everything belongs to you.

So, without knowing these details never jump into work from home – if you are skillful and you can communicate with multiple people and organizations at a time. It means you are a good to start work from home. But when you are not good in this regards that means you can’t start work from home. Just go with office based jobs, follow rules, and instructions and pressure.

Type of Work From Home Workers

Work From Home is Just Like Person Business

When we discuss about work from home that means we discuss about personal business and personal connections. Because when you deal with anyone in personal capacity that means it become your personal contact and personal business on other hands when we discuss about office based jobs. Even you work with anyone for long time if any support required you will see the behavior of that personal. For the same team work from home launch a campaign to test some of the professionals those are working in field. Some of our experts requested to their old friend those work with them from last number of years and asked them to help to get a new job as already they resigned from current positions. About 70% people block their number and didn’t pick their call on time only few percentage of people are ready to help them. That means its reality people on job not entertain you as compare to people those are in tough with you in personal capacity. There are multiple factor behind but this article is not related to those factors that’s why not mention all these details here.

Work From Home to Rule – Office Based Jobs to Follow Rules

That’s sad reality those take bold and difficult steps in life they rule this world at the same time those didn’t take any risk they follow the rules developed or designed by people those take risk in life. No doubt there are chances of failure in work from home but once it work. That means your whole family life change and you will become milliner in just few years, on other hands when you choose office based job that means you are following rules and you will never be happy in life.

This life is too short so don’t waste time on others and overthinking – take right decisions on right time. Might be you read these words again and again right decision on right time but still unable to understand what’s it mean. Right decision means jump into the field where you can grow and you will get space, and right time means take these decisions on early ages. Keep in mind when you understand things at that time you will not have enough time to jump into the any field. If you reached in 40s and you know that you are in wrong organization or with people. At that time your move / shift will become hard for you as compare to your decision in 20s. So, whatever you are doing – think about your next 10 years career and stay with that organization or leave them. Be focus, clear and happy all time with your life and things for better performance and for better results.

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